Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Open Letter To Jennifer Priest.......Edited at bottom 10/14/2013

I would like to take this time to address your message your left me on Facebook. As you can see below in the fine print, I do not have the opportunity to respond to your message because you blocked me from doing so, so I have decided to do it here. I have no desire to hear your made up stories or excuses via phone call.......I thought it best to have proof of my response, so I decided to respond here.

There is absolutely no misunderstanding at all on my part of what happened here. I have not seen any emails or recieved any calls from you at all, I checked emails, and phone records to see if I can find any, and did not find anything at all. **Edited to add***--> only emails I received were accusation emails that I never  responded too.

I am disappointed in how you took advantage of me. You added me to 2 of the 4 design teams you running at that time. I reached out to you to see if you knew of anyone hiring in the scrapbook industry. You offered me a contract job to help you run your business, which was your etsy shop, social media for your company and the social media for 4 others you were running and being paid by them at that time. I also helped you, along with my son, and husband to set the flooring, paint the walls, and bring furniture in for your new business selling your product for 2 different booths at the Crafted Warehouse.

The whole time I worked for you told me that you would be able to hire me full time, once we went to CHA in Chicago to aquire new relationships with at least 2-3 new vendors. I was responsible to buy my flight ticket, while you deducted $400 from pay to help pay for my portion of our hotel room. So I was not confused that I had was currently working on a need to need contract basis for you.

Well what I found was that after I organized your product for your Etsy Shop, updating your constant contact, quick books, blogged and Facebook for 5 companies, created spreadsheets, and completed the work for your Grand Opening  at the Crafted warehouse you all of a sudden did not find no need for me. I found that really suspect?

 All this within days of CHA Chicago, you cancelled all the social media classes that you asked me to sign up for that would benefit your company, and my cancelled my CHA ticket that you had me login with your email and had me pay for. Last time I spoke to you and told me very rudely in front of your husband that you felt that I was not being honest and think that overcharged you on my work invoice? I was so incredulously stunned, and still to this day you have never paid me my final invoice? I still live in the same address and have the same phone. You could have mailed me my check.

After discussing with my husband and with only $40 dollars in my pocket I went to CHA for 5 days with my non-refundable flight ticket, found a friend who graciously put me up for free in her hotel room, and hoped for the best. And I worked 2 days for a manufacture that you had recommended to me. I am glad I went, it was an eye opening experience for me. But to my dismay you actually notify me via email that you kicked off both design teams because I did not fulfill my obligations.....so untrue.

The owner of the company I worked for saw how surprised you were when you saw me there, and how you avoided me, he was confused, and asked what had happened. I was very honest with all his questions. He will to this day stand in my behalf to tell you that I never slander you, and he has told you. You in turn assumed that I did and emailed me accusing me of just that.

Since then you have taken upon yourself to email my girlfriend accusing her of slander along with me.....but upon advice of my friend, the scrapbook industry is a small world, take the high road and do not speak ill of you because you knew too many people that it will kill my chances of ever joining another design team. That was in July of 2012.

I was so worried that you would slander me, I even stopped blogging and creating because I saw how many times you visited my blog on a weekly basis via my live feed I added on my blog.

To my huge surprise I was offered my "dream" job 2 weeks later, and my friend advise me to not mention you at all. I did not at all, I was scared that you would ruin my chances and I would lose my job before my 90 days. But I have since found the support of my boss and peers at work.....I worked real hard for that!

So what did you do when you found out who I was working for? Call the owner and slandered me? How embarrassing it was for me to explain to my boss why I did not tell her about you? I felt it was a private issue and did not needed to be shared. But you made me tell her my side, and to my surprise my boss was very understanding to what had happened.

Now this past January at CHA Anaheim you sent me an email along with 2 other people accusing us of having dinner and slandering you again? I really don't understand how you are making up these stories in your head because they are far from the truth. I did not give you the pleasure of responding to your email for it made me so upset that your lies still have not stopped even after 5 months.

Now to my post on Facebook the other day......I was very touched and surprised to see one of my girlfriends speak up to you, and stand up for me and the many other people you have abused, slandered, and plain taken advantage of. You have burned so many bridges, and tons that I did not even know of, and that was all you......nothing to do with me. I was so touched how many people reached out to me, in support of it via text, messages, and calls.......WOW! You seemed to like to hurt and slander a lot of people.

I felt the need to share my story here because of the message you sent me, and there is so much more to my story and I am not afraid to continue to share. I have all the proof I need via emails, texts, and Facebook messages. I made perfectly sure that all the information that I shared here can be verified and will hold up in court any day. I am not no dummy here, but I will see to it that your lies of me stop here. Here is your post, and I feel sorry for the victim that you are talking about here.

I will finish with...... I believe you still have my final invoice that needs to be paid, along with my $400 you deducted from my pay for hotel that we never shared. I am now prepared to go to court for all the pain and headaches you caused me.

I am saddened to see that you feel you have done nothing wrong. What our industry does not need is people like you who like to bully others.

9/18/2013 ****Edited to add, Jennifer it is really not necessary to call everyone who commented or liked my post on Facebook. Some of my supporters are the very people you had issues at one point or another**** you burned you own bridges, not I.

10/14/2013 **** It has been 1 month, and I still have not seen a check for my services. There is absolutely no doubt that she has read it because she was sent this link serveral times. My blog has had just about 7,000 blog hits....And daily people hit my blog via the "Jennifer" link still. Jennifer's "popularity" is sending me viewers......I hope Jennifer does not charge me for bringing me views, but I feel the need to thank her! Thanks Jennifer


Gina Lideros said...

I'm so proud of you for posting your story Michelle. I hope that it brings you resolution and that it gives others the courage to stand up to this 'bully' in the industry.

Chrissy said...

I absolutely agree that you should take her to court over it. It may not be this huge sum of money, but it's the principle. I've had an experience with her that was minor in comparison to yours, but it was very telling as to the type of character she has. Like she said, "Karma is a mofo." <3

Allie Stewart said...

I have no idea what the situation is, but I wanted to give you major props for standing up for yourself and handling the situation with grace and dignity. I hope it all works out!

Also, way to go Gina!

Hailey Gummerson said...

Way to.go!! She is such a drama quean!!
I've met her and been around.her enough to know I need to keep my distance!!

Cricutgirlg said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. There are bullies every where and in all industries and in all age groups. We think this behavior is left to children, but I can and will attest that it's very prevalent in the Adult World, where such behavior should never be tolerated or excused. Good for you for calling inappropriate behavior out.

Winnie said...

Your work is beautiful! Create, blog, and be happy!

Lilly said...

So sorry you had this happen to you. I've seen posts she makes to many people on facebook that are very inappropriate and hostile. She is a very poisonous person. Stay far away from her.