Friday, December 12, 2008

Teacher's Christmas Gifts

I love making gifts for the teachers. This is was no exception. So last night I put the finishing touches on these bottles. They are the Starbucks glass jars that contain my favorite mocha drink.....Yummy! I peeled off the labels and washed them to take off the adhesive and of course drank the coffee inside. After they dried I filled them with peppermint candy. Again I used the Wassill paper line from Basic Grey. I wish you could see all the details but the picture came out so so, you can't even see the glitter.

The teachers love getting homemade stuff all the time. I can not wait to see what they say. The boys were so excited to take them to school this morning. It makes me happy that they love when I make things for them to give out as gifts. Of course, they are my #1 fans. So we got 2 weeks left of the Christmas season, let's see how many other things I can make before the "big" day!

Happy Friday

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here is a Rock'N'Roll guiter purse I made. My sister came by last weekend to visit and it immediately caught her eye, so I gave it to her. I really spent alot of time on it. The paper mache purse was by Creative Imaginations and the paper was from Marah Johnson. I put epoxy glue on the guitar to give a dimensional look, and added glitter to the wings. The ribbon was added for a final touch.
I have a few more I made sitting on my shelve, I am wondering if I should just sell my designs on I am going to mull over it a bit. I love making them, but I am on the fence about selling them. I find comfort giving my stuff away.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ok! So I Am A Procrastinator.....You Think?

Oh My! Time has flown by. It has been forever since the last time I've updated my blog. I am raising my right hand, I promise not to let this much time pass us by ever again.

So, we are in December already, right smack in the middle of the Holiday season. I've been very busy as of late, trying to get this no job thing figured out. As it happens, when I have alot on my mind I do 1 of 2 things..................have an affair! That's with paper of course, and the other is take a long hot bath :-) and I've gone through alot of paper and a least a couple bottles of bubble bath...........LOL

My current paper affair is with this awesome paper I found at Hearts N Craft in Covina. I picked it up the last time I visited Los Angeles. Crazy me had no idea what I needed this paper for, but all I knew was, I HAD TO HAVE IT!

It is from the Basic Grey Christmas line called Wasill. So far I have made these 3, and I have tons of images stuck in my head just waiting for my hands to create the other designs. They need to be in the mail box by weeks end, if family & friends are to get one.

I really did miss blogging. I will see you tomorrow! Yes, I did say tomorrow. I've really have been in very creative spirits. I really can not wait to show you what I have made for the teacher's gifts this year. The boys are home as of Friday for 3 full weeks on Christmas vacation........YIKES!