Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Cards

Summer is here! and what a great way to start it off by showing you what I made. I made these cards using some crisp red and yellow colors. Once again I used the My Little Shoe Box line. I love how the white cards made the colors pop. The flower looks 3 dimensional just by adding a pop up square. Happy summer

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Ballerina

I went to visit Monnie and she was so excited because she had been given this cute ballerina outfit for her ballet class. She wanted to try it on and show me how she can dance. You danced, twirled, and jumped up and down.

You were the cutest ballerina I have ever seen thats for sure. In this layout I used the Martha Stewart's butterfly punch, along with the MLS paper line to make this for you. I cant wait to show you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monnie and her Grandma

This is my other Godchild Monnie, you gotta love her. She is the most precious thing ever.
She loves to have attention and sure gets alot of it from her Unkies (uncles), Nana, Papa, and her whole family. She always has something cute to say. The moment you met her, she will capture your heart forever.
This picture is of Monnie and her grandma. My twin Monica would probably be upset because she prefers to be called Nana. But a grandma is a grandma in my book.
This layout is from My Little Shoebox paper line and I chose this picture because it went so well the paper.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our little niece Gaby

Have you ever met Gabriela Gutierrez? We know her as Gaby, the sweetest child. Full of spirit, and loads of energy.
I was on this day at my father-in-laws birthday BBQ just sitting enjoying this wonderful spring day when out of nowhere a huge breeze came and brought Gaby with it.
She knows I have a soft spot for all the little girls in our family, and I always have my camera ready, cause I never leave home without it. So she jumps in front of me and say's......Auntie can you take pictures of me?
She is so adorable. I must have taken about 50 photos of her, and got many favorites out of them to choice from, and several hilarious poses.
This paper line is a from My Little Shoebox they have the sweestest colors and designs.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy 40th Monica

I have been meaning to make this for Monica (sis-in-law)for so long, but never got around to it. She is celebrating her 40th, so I wanted to make something special for her.

I used 6x6 canvases that were 1" thick, painted, added a new favorite paper line called Hankie/Trellis by Paper Loft. But then again who am I kidding, I am in love with any new paper line that comes out ;-)

The kids were so awesome. They let me take a few photos of them so that I can get the right pose I was looking for. I am very happy how this came out, and by golly, I finally feel like I got my MOJO back.

Watch out world, Michelle is back!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alexis and Twinkie

This layout was made for my Godchild Alexis. It is about the dog she used to have named Twinkie.

I got Twinkie for her for Christmas 2007 and she was so excited, with parents permission of course. This little Chihuahua followed her everywhere and even slept with Alexis as well.

My favorite and funniest memory of Twinkie was when you and I had our girls day together and you wanted me to spend the night with you so I stayed. After a long day we fell asleep in your bed. Sometime after midnight I was sound asleep I jumped out of your bed because Twinkie bit me.....Yikes! She was a little jealous I guess because I was sleeping right next to you, and how dare me invade "her" space. LOL
After many months of your parents trying to train Twinkie and to no avail, they promptly returned her to her original owners. I remember how much you cried and my heart was breaking for you. Had it not been for your mean Dad who Twinkie was so afraid of, she would have still be with you........j/k of course...... No hard feelings Victor?

For this layout I had taken a bunch of photos of you and Twinkie. She had been gone for several months and you had asked if I would take you to see her. You could see how much she missed you and you missed her. It just about broke my heart.

I used printed paper from Crate Paper, brads from SEI, flowers from Prima of course, and lots of love.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Teacher Appreciation

Wow, we are 4 months into 2009 and it is soon going to be Easter. This weeks project had me making gifts for Vincent and Diego's teachers before going to spring break. The boys will be home for a cool 13 days......Whats a girl to do? Maybe I can get them to scrap with me :-)

I love the see through pails I picked up at www.scrappingoodtimes.com in San Dimas. They has some great finds there, and always carry the latest and greatest. The paper is from Making Memories and flowers from Prima Flowers. I stuffed the pail with chocolate and added green grass to it.

I took the pails to the teacher and they were so greatful. The boys are very lucky to have awesome teachers, and I always like to make them feel special.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check out wordle.net

I love to find new and fun websites. This was no exception. Today as I went to one of the blogs I follow, they linked this website that makes word art just by entering words, all my words here were scrapbook related, of course. You can change the colors as well, and very easy to use.

I made several that I will be using for some scrapbook layouts I have in mind. Here is the link http://www.wordle.net/ I hope to see what you create?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Love Birds...........

Close To My Heart did it again. They made this hard to resist cute bird stamps. I find it so hard to not buy stamps any more due to the hundreds I already own.
The Amore paper line is from CTMH as well, I love how pink and chocolate go together. The best part of their product is that all their ink matches the cardstock and printed paper. No more guessing if the colors will match, because they do 100%
This card was made for a exchange I did with other consultants. A layout and 2 cards will be mailed to them on Monday. They are probably relieved that they are finally getting it.
I recieved a couple of layouts and some adorable cards. I am also waiting for some to be sent my way and I am so excited. I love getting stuff in the mail.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do You See What I See??????

I had just pulled my towel down from the shower glass pane and I looked up and saw this image. At first I was in awe. Then I noticed that it was evaporating at a rapid rate.

Picture me scrambling trying to find my camera.......LOL, all I knew was that I had to take the picture. I was so excited, I must have taken 10 pictures, and I chose this one because it was the clearest of them all.

Let me tell you what I see! I see a couple facing each other about to kiss, and I see a heart in the picture as well. Do you see it?

When I showed this picture to my husband he said I dont get it? Urgh MEN!!! I had to point it all out until he could make it out. By George he finally got it......hehehehehehehe.

I did tell him, I think our shower misses us in there together.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Altered Cigar Purse

I love, love, love, to alter things. By far my favorite would be a cigar purse. I must of made about 25 of them so far. One of my favorites is the one pictured to the right. I loved how green and red look together.

I made this for an entry to the LSS design team contest along with a layout and I got picked as one of the designers. A highlight in my itty bity scrapbooking career.

The paper is from Bo Bunny. They have one of the best scrapbooking printed paper and accessories around. I used Making Memories red paint, ribbon, and a flowered chip board. Inside is painted as well and I add a oval shapped mirror.Most of my purses if you remember on a earlier post was donated to my friend Enriquetta's cute little gift shop.

The purse pictured here was given to my sister in law Rose.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Party Favors for Friends

Recently my twin sister asked me if I would make her party favors for her Friends get together. Of course I would.
Every other month she has a group friends that host a party at each others home, and this time it was my sisters turn.
I went to this cute little scrapboking store and found a die cut that turned cardstock into little purses. All needed was for me to decorate it. I had my sister pick the colors and printed paper.
When working on them I wanted to make sure that it was cute and girly. I really like how it turned. I filled it up with peppermint candy.
I was invited to the get together and went down to Southern California to attend. I saw friends that I have not seen in 25 years....yikes! I was in 9th grade. Some of them still looked the same. I find it funny how my sister never loses touch with any of her friends. It is not often that I get to hang out with the girls, no children, a little wine, and a whole lotta fun.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine ATC

I am HOOKED! I was always curious about ATC cards, and exchanges, but never joined any of the swaps. The cards are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches and fit perfectly in the baseball collectors holder.
But the girls @ scrap space---> http://scrapspace.forumotion.com/forum.htm were having signups to join this exchange and since Valentines is my favorite time of year I decided to join.
This is the one I made for the swap. The paper is from Chatterbox.......me loves this line!
I can't wait for my exchanges to come back, I will post once I get them it.
Have a happy scrappy day.

Monnie's Shoebox

I went this past weekend to Los Angeles to take care of a few things. One of my stops was taking my darling Godchild Monnie to her ballet class. I could not go in because they only allowed 1 person in, so her Mom (my neice Amanda) went with her while my twin and I walked through old town Glendora.

It was nice visiting all the cute stores the town had to offer. Of course I stopped at the local scrapbook store. When her class was over Amanda told us that the ballet teacher had requested that they decorate a shoe box. I promptly volunteered, of course I would for this is up my alley.

I mailed it off this morning via the post office so that she would have it for Saturday's class.