Monday, February 9, 2009

Party Favors for Friends

Recently my twin sister asked me if I would make her party favors for her Friends get together. Of course I would.
Every other month she has a group friends that host a party at each others home, and this time it was my sisters turn.
I went to this cute little scrapboking store and found a die cut that turned cardstock into little purses. All needed was for me to decorate it. I had my sister pick the colors and printed paper.
When working on them I wanted to make sure that it was cute and girly. I really like how it turned. I filled it up with peppermint candy.
I was invited to the get together and went down to Southern California to attend. I saw friends that I have not seen in 25 years....yikes! I was in 9th grade. Some of them still looked the same. I find it funny how my sister never loses touch with any of her friends. It is not often that I get to hang out with the girls, no children, a little wine, and a whole lotta fun.

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