Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alexis and Twinkie

This layout was made for my Godchild Alexis. It is about the dog she used to have named Twinkie.

I got Twinkie for her for Christmas 2007 and she was so excited, with parents permission of course. This little Chihuahua followed her everywhere and even slept with Alexis as well.

My favorite and funniest memory of Twinkie was when you and I had our girls day together and you wanted me to spend the night with you so I stayed. After a long day we fell asleep in your bed. Sometime after midnight I was sound asleep I jumped out of your bed because Twinkie bit me.....Yikes! She was a little jealous I guess because I was sleeping right next to you, and how dare me invade "her" space. LOL
After many months of your parents trying to train Twinkie and to no avail, they promptly returned her to her original owners. I remember how much you cried and my heart was breaking for you. Had it not been for your mean Dad who Twinkie was so afraid of, she would have still be with you........j/k of course...... No hard feelings Victor?

For this layout I had taken a bunch of photos of you and Twinkie. She had been gone for several months and you had asked if I would take you to see her. You could see how much she missed you and you missed her. It just about broke my heart.

I used printed paper from Crate Paper, brads from SEI, flowers from Prima of course, and lots of love.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Teacher Appreciation

Wow, we are 4 months into 2009 and it is soon going to be Easter. This weeks project had me making gifts for Vincent and Diego's teachers before going to spring break. The boys will be home for a cool 13 days......Whats a girl to do? Maybe I can get them to scrap with me :-)

I love the see through pails I picked up at in San Dimas. They has some great finds there, and always carry the latest and greatest. The paper is from Making Memories and flowers from Prima Flowers. I stuffed the pail with chocolate and added green grass to it.

I took the pails to the teacher and they were so greatful. The boys are very lucky to have awesome teachers, and I always like to make them feel special.