Monday, September 23, 2013

Chalkboard Is The New Everything.......

It seems that Chalkboard was the latest trend at this Summer CHA.........and I am such a huge fan. As it was being created by our amazing graphic department at Prima, all I could think of is that I could not wait to for the pre-production samples to in......I might be a wee bit biased, but I really think all other vendors has something unique and in my book, they were all winners.

I am eagerly awaiting for Prima's designers to make their lovely samples, they such amazing work.

Lucky for me, everyonce in a while I get asked to work on a special project. Although I am no where near with how Prima's designers and educators can do. I embrace my style, which is simple and sweet with a little something something. To this day I am still trying to figure out what that something something is :)

I was asked by my boss to create 3 items that were going to shown in the new product showcase area at CHA Las Vegas. I was so excited to see that I would be using The Optimist collection for it.

Below you will find photos of the necklace, layout, and Keepsake box I made.


Although I liked how the chalk looked when decorating the flowers, I found that the Neon Gel Pens worked best on the flowers. It made them pop! 

Another one of my favorite new item this past Summer for Prima were the Julie Nutting Mixed Media Doll Stamps
All the doll stamps are simply adorable. 

Here is the photo of the items in showcase area.

I hope you guys love this collection. 

Now I just wanted to touch base a little on my previous post. I feel the need to thank each and everyone one of you who had reached out to me. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of emails, texts, and Facebook messages I had received in support for me standing up for myself. It was very sad to hear that I was not alone in being bullied by JP.....I am still trying to comprehend why and how it could happen to so many of us?

Although it was not my intention, and I would never believe this would happen.....I had over 5,000 views on my blog post. How crazy was that? Although I know she has seen my post and continue to "visit" my blog, I have still not received payment for my services, or return email from JP. Bottom line is that not only was my post seen by many....... I got my message out there very loud and very clear. 

Lesson I learned here......I will never be bullied into silence again, and never allow myself to ever, ever, ever be a victim again! I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off me from sharing my story on my blog.

I love this industry, and I am and will continue to share my creations big and hopes I can inspire someone out there in Scrappy Land. 

Thanks for stopping by,

♥ Michelle 


Suzy West said...

Your projects are beautiful!!! You are so talented!!!!

Valerie Andrieux said...

Love these flowers ; the black made them pop.
Great projects !

Gina said...

Gorgeous projects! Love the colors!
New blog follower!
Please follow me too!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

and I LOVE the chalk board trend too. just love it!

Gina Lideros said...

love your projects sweet girl!