Monday, November 21, 2011

Creating is my Therapy

Where have I been? Well working full time, teaching scrapbooking and class courses on the Cricut Expression has kept me super busy with little time for blogging. I just had enough time to post my pictures on Facebook, but I really did miss my blog. It was not the hopefully I can and will continue to inspire everyone with my creations.

BUT despite being busy, I always found time to create. I cant wait to show my family this album I made for them. It is filled with fun photos that took about 10 minutes to take......seriously, hubby and the boys have busy schedules :)

Currently I find myself working part time again..............and this got me into thinking. Why am I wasting so much time working in the corporate world when all I want to do is create and make this world a beautiful place I scrap at a time? I am currently looking to see actually where I fit in in the scrapbook industry......hmmm? I love to scrapbook layouts, make cards, use my inks to stamp and distress, alter items (such as scrapbook frames) and of course my favorite.....making mini albums.

Also this very album will be featured in the commercial I am filming. 

I think starting on my blog again would be a good start! Why? Because..........Creating Is My Therapy ♥

Hugs & Kisses


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