Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Awesome Opportunity........

Really? I cannot believe what had just recently happened to me in these last 3 weeks. Things like do not ever happen to me and I am still in awe of the whole ordeal.

We just wrapped up filming a room make over completed by me for my adorable Niece/Godchild Alexis. For 3 weeks I worked really hard and put so much love in it. I touched every corner of her room and loved every minute of it. It will be a 30 minute infomercial promoting the product I used for the makeover.  I could only wish I could be able to share all the details on who, what, where, and how but I have to hold back all the details for at least 1 month due to an confidentiality agreement I had signed......the waiting is going to kill me.

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity through my crafting to do this. The moment I am given the go ahead to share I will have all the details, and hopefully a link to the commercial.

Stay tuned..............♥ Michelle


TeresaK said...

This sounds so exciting and amazing! Eager to hear more!

Doris P. said...

i love these shows - can't wait for details :)