Sunday, May 6, 2012

My First Design Team Post for Zutter

Good morning Bloggers,

I am so happy the day has finally come, my first design team post for Zutter. Pictured here is my son Vincent, he is soooo shy and when he saw that I posted his picture on  the Zutter Blog he said........ MooooooM, I did not know you were going to put my pictures all over the internet. I know he secretly loves all the attention ♥

You can see all the details on how it was made on the Zutter Zister blog and here is the link Click Here

Thanks again for stopping by.......Michelle


PaulaJ said...

gorgeous mini-book. I have a Bind-It-All but haven't tested the waters yet.

Michelle said...

Paula, on the Zutter Blog we have tons of how to videos. Watch them and be inspired ♥

Linda Beeson said...

This looks wonderful, I love the Zutter tool.