Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scrap Therapy!

I titled this post Scrap Therapy because that is what it is for me. It has been a hectic week and the only way I know how to unwind is through scrapping. It takes me to my own little world......But its ok, they like me here.......LOL

What a Saturday night! On a rare occasion, I get a chance to hang out with my scrap buddies. Shelly sent me an invite on Wednesday to come her house for a scrap day, and yes they did not fail to remind me that its been a full 8 months.....Yikes!

Sorry girls, been a little busy. Glad I went, I had a blast!

We started a monthy card exchange, and this is what I came up with. It took about 1 hour to make. I scored the cardstock, used sandpaper so that the white core of the paper could stand out, and then aged it with chocolate ink. Hope you like?

Until I scrap again...........Be back soon

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