Sunday, March 4, 2012

If You Dont Make It......Then Dont Be Afraid To Try Again!

Hi has gotten really crazy around here. These past 2 weeks, I have made 2 mini albums, 3 layouts for classes (1 will be taught at Scrapbook Expo) and Candyland themed banners. Currently I am working on my nephew AJ's birthday party this week. I cant wait to show the family what I did.

I just recently applied for a design team and did not make the team. I know with hard a lot of work and not giving up, someday I will succeed.  but for now I will continue to post my creations here on my blog to share with you all.

Pictured here is my next class I will be teaching at Hearts N Craft in Covina, CA. Stop by and and say hi, or even to see all the fabulous stuff new scrapbooking stuff we get in weekly.

 This is the mini album cover......I love everything about it. The album is a 6x4 by Maya Road, the paper and trinkets are from Prima Flowers. I used Stickles around the flowers, and Thicker yellow glittered alphas. I also used WOW embossing clear powder for the heart, distressed the edges and topped it off with serveral ribbons.
Here is the side view.

Can you please smile for the camera boys......LOL, my boys are good sports.....Sometimes ♥
Diego......please stop laughing!
Why so serious Sons?
I think this photo is awesome. I never did realize that we all have the same style of glasses.......Geeky! Well except for Vincent, he does not wear glasses but did not want to feel left out so he got his "stunner" shades.
Yes! I can be funny........I try to make someone laugh at least once everyday, and my hubby is usually my victim.
And I wonder where Nick gets his humor from.................Hmmmm?

So to finish off my post, I cant wait till the day I do make a manufactures team, and I show them how much love and passion I have for the craft. Until then I will continue to blog online, and continue teach classes at my local scrapbook stores......Have a great day everyone.


Linda Beeson said...

This is really nice, gotta love a cute mini album! As far as submitting to a manufacturer, you have to remember the competition is fierce! I have never see so many really talented crafters.

Tracy said...

Your mini album is beautiful.
You aren't doing anything my opinion you are doing everything right. Creating with your heart and soul. That is what a real artist does.
I am impressed, you sure get a lot done. It takes me weeks just to make 1 mini, lol.

Pamela said...

Your album is beautiful!!!!! I know, it's so hard not to get discouraged when you don't make a team. Don't give up! Most of the people I know who are making teams and getting published have one thing in common....they just don't give up, they keep on trying over and over again.

Sylvia said...

Michelle, your mini is beautiful! Don't get discouraged! Try again!

I recently applied for the Spellbinders call and made it through two rounds into the final! *yay me* ;-))) And then ....I did NOT make was SOOO hard and very frustrating at first!!! But work is good anyway...maybe my work or style was not just exactly what they have been looking for or the others were better....sometimes it's just that simple ;-) Don't forget the big manufacturers get hundreds of submissions!!!
Again: Don't give up..just try again (maybe for a smaller manufacturer?)
Sylvia xx

Melissa Elsner said...

Love that mini album. Your blog is great too! I live on both sides of the Design Team world. I, too, have been trying to get on a manu team and haven't made the lucky one yet. Although, a unique opportunity is presenting itself this month which will hopefully open a door. I am on some other teams that I absolutely love and adore! I am also a DT coordinator which has ME selecting members and it is hard. The key components I look for are good photos, an active blog, that you would showcase the product in an amazing way and the deciding factors are usually blog followers and activity on the actual Facebook page or forum. (If there is one.) Those deciding factors come to play when I am sitting with multiple, amazing applicants but only one spot left to fill.

This industry can be brutal because we take our work so personally and we feel so defeated if a company doesn't want us. But don't give up! Use it as an opportunity to continue refining your style and enjoying what you do. :)

Elizabeth said...

Michelle that album is BEAUTIFUL! Be proud and know that you are NOT doing anything "wrong"! You are doing what you love and it shows through your projects just what a WONDERFUL job you are doing! Chin up, girl! *E*

Connie said...

Congrats I have chosen you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please visit my blog for the details.